Jason Branch

Brother Jason Branch entered the fraternal world of Alpha on November 18, 2000.  He crossed the burning sands with the Pharaohs Phour at the University of West Alabama.  This brother better known as "Tha Coldest" was born in Dayton, OH and is a senior with a double major in psychology and sociology at the University of West Alabama.  After graduation from the University of West Alabama he plans on perusing his Masters Degree in counseling psychology.

Brother Branch is an active brother in the Pi Delta chapter and strives towards embodying the aims of Alpha in himself and his fellow brothers.  He serves as the Social Committee Chairman, Director of Intake and Step Team coordinator.  He is involved in the S.G.A. Inter-fraternal Counsel, Sunshine Kids Mentor, former member of the housing staff and an active fan in UWA's kill section, and he also is involved with Intramural Football and Basketball. 
"I have learned that success is to be measured not so much by the position that one has reached in life as by the obstacles which he has overcome while trying to succeed."  Booker T. Washington



email this ice cold brother at cbranch06@yahoo.com