Taiwo Togun

Taiwo Adedapo Togun is a native of Nigeria, who was found worthy of becoming a part of the distinguish light bearers of the prestigious Pi Delta chapter of  Alpha Phi Alpha fraternity, Inc. on the 23rd of November, 2002.
"Fortitude," a virtue he realized was needed to become a true light bearer, is the name his brothers call him. Taiwo is most times called "weezee" or "wou" or "woowoo."

Following the legacy of  his predecessors, academic excellence, high moral standards, and love for all are a code of living for Taiwo. This code is glaring in his name as a stamp on the President's and Dean's list, his involvement as a tutor in the Students Supports Services, his many awards, such as the Phi Eta Sigma award given to the inductee with the highest GPA. Taiwo is currently the "2004 Alabama District Highest GPA College Brother" and the "2004 Alabama District Brother of the Year."

Taiwo is a senior, who is currently majoring in Mathematics and Computer Information Systems. He hopes to graduate and proceed to Medical school, where he believes his dream to become an oncologist will be fulfilled.

email this ice cold brother at togunt@.uwa.edu