Lorenzo Lockett

I, Lorenzo Lockett, successfully crossed the burning sands with five other brothers in the Spring semester of 2003. Myself and five other distinguish gentlemen that became worthy of bearing the light of this great fraternity in the Spring of '03 are known as "The Six Pharaohs of The Golden Light." To my brothers, I am known as "The Ice Cold Blizzard."

I am from the deep roots of Gainesville, a small town in Alabama. I am currently a senior student seeking a Bachelor's degree in Elementary Education at this university. Keeping up the tradition of this fraternity in graduating its members, I will be graduating by the Spring of 2004. I currently work with Aramak, as a supervisor in the campus dining facility.

Being raised by my mother and grandmother, and surrounded with four lovely sisters, I embrace a fundamental code of Alpha: "respect for womanhood."

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